David Rounds, NetEffect’s CEO, was recently asked to join a call with SolarWind’s Colin Knox for their Partner Perspectives series. David and Colin had a great discussion about current events and COVID-19. View the discussion about how we’ve shifted to keep business moving successfully during this time--including ways to keep MSPs connected, and the ability to continue live support for customers who need it.

Many businesses are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. This is not the case with SolarWinds MSP and NetEffect. We had a great discussion with SolarWinds MSP about how they are staying afloat during these difficult times. The coronavirus is challenging for many businesses to cope with both emotionally and financially. However, there are many ways to adjust your marketing strategies so that your customers will remain engaged during this difficult time.

NetEffect and SolarWinds MSP discuss effective business strategies.

We are an Information Technology business, which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We design and deploy the most advanced solutions on the market to make sure you're a cut above the rest. SolarWinds MSP is another great IT business.

Recently, our Chief Executive Officer, by the name of David Rounds, joined SolarWind's Collin Knox for our Partner Perspectives series. They had an excellent discussion about how to adjust their marketing strategies during this difficult time. They talked about how it is very important to keep their customers and their employees engaged. They also mentioned how essential it is to provide their customers with access to live support when they need it.

Many employees who are working from home are feeling extremely lonely and extremely isolated. Many people are struggling to muster the energy they need to in order to interact with one another virtually. You host virtual morning huddles with your team. As a result, they will be inspired maintain their professional connections with one another. They will be very grateful that you have organized these events.

Having empathy for your customers if they are experiencing financial hardship will allow you to take the role of a supportive friend who is there to help them with any issues they are experiencing. You will be a company that they can trust. It is very important to make sure that your website is in excellent shape. Your customers will probably be purchasing everything that they can online. Keep your website as focused and as user-friendly as possible.

You can attract more visitors to your website by offering them a wide variety of payment options. Focus on Search Engine Optimization. Each article should have at least three keywords. The higher your website ranks when someone performs a Google search, the more customers your company is likely to attract.

Your company should make sure that your employees are engaged.

Some people truly enjoy going to the office and having conversations with their coworkers throughout the day. It is often more difficult for them to stay motivated when they are working from home. Many employees who are working remotely are struggling with loneliness, anxiety, and sadness due to the pandemic. It is very important to encourage your employees to connect with one another during this difficult time.

People are going through a lot emotionally right now. Many people are very scared that they might catch the virus or that their friends and family might catch it if they don't. Many people are also feeling extremely lonely and extremely isolated. Virtual events will never be quite the same as in-person events, however, hosting them is a great way to ensure that your employees will stay connected with one another and maintain their professional connections while working from home.

Your company can host virtual group huddles. Your company can host virtual coffee breaks so that your employees can virtually connect with one another. Your company can also encourage your employees to take virtual lunch breaks together. Your company can even host virtual happy hours. Your employees will really appreciate your efforts, and they will feel less alone during this extremely challenging time.

Your company should ramp up its marketing efforts.

This is a good time to market. Make sure you employ subtle and efficient marketing strategies.  Be aware of the fact that many people are struggling financially during this time. Avoid using forceful marketing techniques.

Instead, focus on providing assistance to your customers in any way that you can. Make sure that you have a very user-friendly website. Your customers will really appreciate this approach, and they will be far more likely to invest in your company as a result.

It is important to pay close attention to your marketing efforts. Prioritize Search Engine Optimization. Ask for reviews and testimonials from your employees who are satisfied with your services. You can then post these testimonials on your website and use them to market your company's services. Make sure that you always ask for your employees' consent before posting their testimonials on your website.

Your company should have a stellar website.

Make sure your company has an attractive and efficient website. Your company's webpage design needs to be visually appealing. Your company's website needs to be easy to use. Make sure that all of your articles are focused and contain three to five keywords each. This means that your company will rank higher when someone performs a Google search and that you will attract more customers as a result.

Your company must help your customers navigate their own financial health.

Customers are sometimes struggling financially. Help them with their businesses during this difficult time if you can. You might want to simply assist them by giving them advice about what has worked for your company. You will forge a strong bond, and they will be far more likely to invest in your company for many years to come if you take this approach.

Make sure your company does not engage in forceful marketing strategies during this time.

We recommend that you engage in subtle marketing strategies during this time. Your company needs to provide assistance as if you are a trusted friend who wants to help your customers. You will gain more customers by marketing your services in a subtle and friendly way.

These strategies are excellent. They have proven to be extremely effective for us. We hope that you are coping as well as you can be during this difficult time and that these techniques help you with your business.