We Have Found Just That In NetEffect!

We are in an extremely time-sensitive business where results matter every day. Combine that with ever-evolving software platforms; we needed a technology firm that would run at the same pace we do. NetEffect is just that company!

Kevin Burke Kevin Burke CEO
Burke Construction Group, Inc.

NetEffect Does A Stellar Job

Office 365 gives our team vastly superior access to our data from anywhere, on any device.  It has eliminated downtime, and we always have the latest software and functionality. NetEffect does a stellar job of supporting our IT.

David Kellerman David Kellerman COO
Vegas Chamber

NetEffect Is Essentially A "Partner" In Our Business

NetEffect is essentially a “partner” in our business that always responds with first-class service. By that, I mean they take a personnel interest in our success by ensuring seamless IT operations. This dedication to excellence and commitment to my company’s success makes NetEffect stand apart from other providers.  I count on them to alleviate the stress that can arise in dealing with IT issues.  They do outstanding work that allows me to focus on my core business. NetEffect is a company that is great at what it does, has smart tech people willing to go the extra mile for their customers, and always looks for cost-effective solutions to my problems. They are the best!

Paul Padda Paul Padda Owner
Paul Padda Law Injury Attorneys

Very Trustworthy, NetEffect Is The Best Choice!

NetEffect is very trustworthy and looks out for the best interests of the company.  They are timely and a pleasure to work with.  I love their OneRate Managed Services Agreement, which gives me predictable costs without any surprises.  If you are looking for an IT Provider, NetEffect is the best choice.

Steve Chesin Steve Chesin CEO
Carpets N More

Their Service And Knowledge Is Second To None

NetEffect has been our IT partner longer than I remember.  Their service and knowledge are second to none.  Whenever we have an issue, they seem to know exactly how urgent of a response we require.   If it is something that is significantly impacting our business, they are on it immediately.  If it is more of a "fine-tuning" type issue, they communicate well to address it according to our schedule.  We have never had an issue that was above their knowledge.  They manage to solve the issue one way or another.  Also, this service level and knowledge base have not skipped a beat during COVID-19.

David Wood David Wood Director of Sales & Marketing
Basic Food Flavors

I Have Only Used One IT Company In 21 Years

Thankfully, I have rarely needed IT emergency services. When I have had the need, NetEffect has been there for me every time.  Plus, having a predictable IT expenditure every month regardless of the demands is great. I have only used one IT company for my 21 years of existence. I am very happy with the services NetEffect provides.

Dr. S. William Pierce Dr. S. William Pierce Owner
Your MD

In-House IT Feel

We all know that IT cannot be perfect because we are continually adding new software, adding new devices, and demanding more from our network, yet we still expect IT to be perfect. This COVID-19 pandemic has truly brought me to realize how blessed we really are to have NetEffect, that we can depend on for our IT needs. NetEffect made it possible to have 14 of our staff up and running remotely from home, replaced or rebuilt several workstations, and they were available to resolve all the IT support issues that this project encountered. Thank you, not just for your efforts in the last five weeks, but for your support during the previous 19 years.

Greg Sinacori Greg Sinacori Partner
Hilburn and Lein CPAs

A Huge Benefit

NetEffect provides friendly, personable techs and engineers that become as familiar and comfortable to work with as a typical co-worker, all without sacrificing professional demeanour or technical expertise. Having a team of SMEs with multiple different areas of expertise that are all familiar with your environment is a huge benefit and without the massive costs of staffing such a team full time.  I do not know of any firms that provide as dedicated and personable service as they do, from Level 1 tech support up to the CEO.

Justin Plehn Justin Plehn IT Manager
Las Vegas Harley Davidson

Attention To Detail

I would like to thank NetEffect for all their hard work, diligence, and professional services in providing Clinton Nevada, LLC’s technical support. Their persistent qualities and attention to our company have been extremely helpful in our company fulfilling our technological needs.

Dwain Rittenhouse Dwain Rittenhouse President
Clinton Nevada

Pleasure To Work With

It is refreshing to have that personal touch with an IT partner. A responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable staff that checks in with regular onsite visits. NetEffect is a pleasure to work with!

Ilya Mayo Ilya Mayo CEO

Personal Attention

Thank you to the NetEffect staff for providing our company with optimal service and support on our computer equipment, server backups, and email security measures.  We are very satisfied with the level of service and personal attention when it comes to our day-to-day IT support.

Blayne Soule Partner
Dwyer Engineering

Quick To Respond

NetEffect is a great partner that helps us overcome the technological challenges presented by the COVID-19 business restrictions. With their assistance, our transition to remote work was seamless, and their quick response to produce additional equipment was exceptional.

Juli Godsby Juli Godsby Office Manager
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 357

We Do Not Suffer A Lapse In Service!

I appreciate the fact that on these types of issues, the only way I find out about them is when they are completed.  NetEffect takes care of the issues before we ever know there is one, so we do not suffer a lapse in service.

Suzanne Neal Suzanne Neal Controller
WTD Construction

Experience What A Real Full-Service IT Company Does

NetEffect's turnaround time on trouble ticket response is phenomenal.  The amount of expertise and customer service the techs and engineers provide is top-notch. To not have to worry about server management, maintenance, and uptime is a huge PLUS for me; it allows my staff and I to concentrate on other IT strategic projects for the organization. NetEffect puts others to shame.

Call them, experience what a REAL full-service IT company can do.

Steve Pham Steve Pham Information Technology Manager
The Crossing Christian Church

NetEffect Is A Solid Microsoft Partner

We recently transitioned our corporate email from on-premise Exchange servers to Office 365 with NetEffect's expert assistance. It provides us with the flexibility, reliability, and security we need. Office 365 is a great solution, and NetEffect is a solid Microsoft partner.

Daniel Packer CIO
Diversified Restaurant Group

Feel More Secure And Confident

NetEffect is always available and eager to help.  I know that I can always reach out to them, and they will promptly respond to my requests.  In these uncertain times, I feel more secure and confident with NetEffect as a business partner that we can lean on if needed or walk beside whenever we need a guide.

Chris Richardson Chris Richardson Director of Planning
Richardson Wetzel Architects

Excellent Transition Assistance

The NetEffect team has been excellent in assisting our transition from an office to a remote environment, including obtaining the necessary licensing and secure remote access for our personnel.

Sonja Finley-Tratos Sonja Finley-Tratos Office Administrator
Reid Rubinstein Bogatz

I Appreciate The Entire NetEffect Team

The NetEffect team is always courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to help. I appreciate the entire NetEffect team!

Adelson Drug Clinic Michelle Schucker Administrative Assistant
Adelson Drug Clinic

NetEffect Has Earned Our Lifelong Trust

When it comes to technology, NetEffect provides us with Technology Ninjas that ROCK. They always treat us with the utmost care and professionalism. NetEffect has earned our lifelong trust when it comes to Information Technology.

DNA Tactical Ira Aptor CFO
DNA Tactical

Integrity, Initiative, And Excellent Customer Service

Thank you to the NetEffect staff for providing our company with optimal service and support on our computer equipment, server backups, and email security measures.  We are very     satisfied with the level of service and personal attention when it comes to our day-to-day IT support.

Henri Specialties Charlie Leone Operations Coordinator
Henri Specialties

The Level Of Service You Deserve

NetEffect is the only IT firm we have ever had an agreement with. It is a very good relationship that goes back to 2008-2009. We decided to discontinue our service during the recession, but we went back to NetEffect as soon as we were ready to start looking at IT firms again. NetEffect’s help frees me up to focus on my core duties. Everyone else now gets prompt help instead of waiting for me to find time to help them. You do not truly realize how much time you are spending on your IT needs till someone takes it off your hands. If you are looking, you already know that you need help. NetEffect can provide you with the level of service you deserve.

DRI Tech Corporate Mike Venkatachalan Vice President
DRI Tech Corporate

Excellent Move

Migrating to the new cloud-based system proved to be seamless, thanks to the NetEffect team. The whole process was accomplished over one weekend, and by the time everyone came in, the team didn't even realize anything had happened. Going from on-premise to the cloud was an excellent move for our company.

Elizabeth Nelson CFO
BEC Environmental, Inc

Only Uptime

We have worked with NetEffect’s leadership for over 20 years, and we are very pleased with their continuous support. The team is highly responsive, and they address issues quickly to prevent downtime. They’re also timely, communicative, and accurate, and they cover all ends of IT support. They have continuously delivered IT projects on time and on budget.

Bruce Richards Senior VP of Finance
Thomas & Mack Co