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Your business has grown to require enterprise-level technology tools and software to manage your IT Department and network. However, best-in-class software tools are costly to purchase and even more expensive to properly configure, maintain, and manage. Plus, most of these tools are rarely implemented completely to create the maximum value. It will take the right team and precise approach to ensure the successful execution and management of your team.

NetEffect can help. PartnershipIT services are available to provide everything you need to assist the management and efficiency of your IT Department. This will maximize flexibility while minimizing your financial obligation. With our PartnershipIT, your in-house staff will have access to the tools they need to effectively manage and secure your IT systems, along with enterprise level expertise when your company needs it most.

NetEffect’s PartnershipIT (Co-Managed IT) offers:

  • Customized ticketing software for total incident control and management
  • Enterprise-class remote management and monitoring tools across many platforms
  • Patch management of all servers and PCs
  • Multi-layered cybersecurity software licensing for all systems keeping your data secure
  • Daily data backup management and monitoring for business continuity just in case
  • Robust documentation systems and processes to keep you IT Staff efficient
  • Flexible hourly rates for project work
  • Established response times customized to your demands and need

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