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Jeff Grace, a graduate of Clark High School and UNLV, founded the IT service company NetEffect in 2002 and merged it with Dave Rounds’ UptimeLV in 2014. The firm, Grace says, has seen a “dramatic increase in the number of businesses interested in leveraging Office 365 for email, collaboration, data security, etc.”

What is the best business advice you’ve received?

I’m a giant fan of Patrick Lencioni’s books and his emphasis on organizational health. His advice for continually cultivating cohesiveness, simplicity, trust and clarity is something I strive to remember and align myself with continually. In business, most folks focus on more, smarter, faster, better, etc. — which is important, of course — but Lencioni’s approach, while counterintuitive at times, is pure gold.

If you could change one thing about Southern Nevada, what would it be?

I’d make our public school system best-in-class. It’s fallen so far since I went to school here, and our struggling school system holds our community back in many ways.

What has been your most exciting professional project to date?

Building NetEffect has been a continual source of excitement and pride for the past 13 years. I feel blessed and honored to be where I am, and I’m always excited to see what comes next. I get most excited in seeing people at NetEffect grow and succeed, and knowing I played a part in that.

You’ve been working in technology for 17 years. What are the biggest changes that you have noticed in the industry?

The changes in technology are astounding, and continue to amaze me. I think back to the days of connecting to the Internet with a modem, then DSL, and now our cellphones connect to the Internet at frighteningly fast speeds. Internet speeds and cloud computing are the two biggest changes that stand out for me, along with the dark side of technology: hacking and cyberterrorism.

You converged businesses with UptimeLV founder Dave Rounds in 2014. What was it about the business and his skills that made you want to partner with him?

Dave Rounds is an exemplary human being. He’s impeccable with his word, he has an unsurpassed work ethic, and he’s really smart. He and I have very complementary attributes; I prefer business development and dreaming big, and Dave is incredible at integrating all facets of the business and tying it all together.

How essential is it for gaming and hospitality industries to have a strong IT team and technology relationship?

IT is crucial for almost every organization and industry, and gaming and hospitality is no exception. In 2012, NetEffect received the first gaming license ever granted to an IT service provider, and this license allows us to participate in the support and management of Gaming Control Board-regulated IT systems.

What are you reading right now?

I’m re-reading Patrick Lencioni’s “The Advantage” along with “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I listen to them on; it’s a perfect way to get great content while driving or working out at the gym. I find that much more relaxing than sitting down with a book.

What do you do after work?

I have two children, ages 3 and 5, so I spend a lot of time with them and my awesome wife. We spend a lot of time at Lifetime Fitness, working out, and doing fun stuff with our kids. Our daughter recently started mastering the rock wall.

Blackberry, iPhone or Android?

Android! The thought of using an iPhone fills me with dread!

Describe your management style.

I think one’s management style is hard to define since different situations call for different responses. Overall, I think I give clear directions, and make it clear to people that I’m invested in their success, and that an integral part of my job is to help them overcome obstacles to be more successful.

Where do you see yourself and your company in 10 years?

I see myself doing the same thing, only bigger and better. That’s been true of the past 10 years, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t be true going forward. I enjoy what I do, and wouldn’t change it.

What is your dream job, outside of your current field?

I’d love to be a personal trainer or yoga teacher. I love to exercise and I am continually learning more in that arena.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

Las Vegas is hard to beat, but I’d love to live in Northern Italy. I like the climate, the food, the history and architecture, and the people. And you can get from there to most places in Europe quickly and easily.

Whom do you admire?

I admire anyone who has strength of character. I learned many years ago to minimize the importance of personality, and instead focus on a person’s ability to be authentic, kind, trustworthy, and stand up for what they believe. I admire my friends, family members, coworkers, and many local business leaders and colleagues.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Dishonesty of any kind, even slight.

Where do you like to go for business lunches?

I’m a bit of a foodie, so I’ll go just about any place. My favorites are DW Bistro and Tommy Bahama’s.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I struggle with being impatient. I usually want to see results more quickly than are possible, so I’d definitely welcome more patience.

What is something people might not know about you?

After graduating from UNLV in the ’90s, I lived out of a backpack for seven months, traveling throughout Europe, India and Nepal. When riding a motorcycle in India, you must drive on the left and yield to elephants!

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