Work remotely, effectively with Microsoft Teams

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing employees to work from home, you and your staff can take advantage of Microsoft Teams to stay productive. Microsoft recently enhanced this already powerful tool’s capabilities, making it easier for more people to take advantage of its advanced features.

Utilizing Google’s Cloud Print service

When you picture cloud computing and printing devices, you might think of endless copies of clouds flying out of the printer. But that analogy wouldn’t quite apply for Google’s Cloud Print service, though. This cloud-computing hybrid allows you to access both regular and internet-enabled printers through the Internet.

Security in the Cloud

Security in the cloud is a hot topic. The Sony hack, the Anthem data breach, and the compromise of Target’s point-of-sale systems have led many professionals in the industry to warn we are on the verge of a cyber-terrorism era. This means it’s more important than ever for businesses to be aware of data security.

Applications in the Cloud

Before cloud computing became commonplace, software had to be individually installed on workstations, and each workstation would need to go through a manual update whenever fixes and improvements were available. Even immediately after the rise cloud computing, companies making use of cloud infrastructure still needed to devote large budgets to creating web servers and database servers to host applications.

Cloud Backups

Planning is crucial to ensure the long term success of your business. Regardless of the type of business you own or manage, it's important to have a clear business plan, technology plan and disaster recovery plan in place. Routine backups are a critical component of the third, and there are many different ways to perform them.

Why Email in the Cloud is the Best Choice for Your Business

Email in the cloud, stored in a remote location and provided to you and your employees over the Internet, is a smart decision for most companies of all sizes. Hosted email has distinct advantages over running your own email servers because it’s scalable, can be implemented quickly, and there is very rarely any downtime.

Cloud Based Computing

Cloud computing, or sometimes simply called “the cloud” is a term you’ve surely heard. But what exactly is the cloud and how does it relate to your business? Here’s a quick cheat-sheet to help you understand “the cloud” and put it into business context.

Creative Collaboration in the Cloud

When you think of the ways the cloud has changed businesses, creativity is not what usually comes to mind first. You will be surprised at how beneficial the cloud has been for people in creative industries. The cloud allows for a massive amount of information to be stored and accessible to people quickly from almost any location.