NetEffect Las Vegas Cloud Computing Company Launches New Website

NetEffect of Las Vegas is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved website at Redesigned for improved client support and ease of use, the new website offers information on its core services: fixed IT support, managed services, cloud computing, VoIP phone systems for small business and network and IT consulting.

The Tablet Comes to Our Table

It wasn’t too long ago that credit card purchases required a carbon imprint of your card. Today, credit cards can be scanned almost anywhere if you have an attachment for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Purveyors like Square provide credit card readers for common mobile devices.

How to Write the Right Email

An email represents a very stripped down form of communication as physical cues and voice inflection are absent. Because of this, starting and ending an email in the right tone is key. If you open an email to a possible client with “Hey Joe,” it may come off as too informal, where as if you close an email to a close friend with “In highest regards,” they may think you’re being cynical.

Unbelievable Tech Lawsuits of the Last Decade

We hear about people filing lawsuits against companies and individuals quite often and it’s usually very serious news. The tech industry is no stranger to this, but from time to time we will hear about a lawsuit that tickles the funny bone. The following list of a few of the most interesting lawsuits in the tech industry over the past decade is unbelievable.

The Way We Consume Content is Changing

What comes to mind when you hear the words “connected devices?” Do you think of your smartphone, laptop and/or tablet? These gadgets can access the Internet from almost anywhere, and because of this they are connected devices. However, most HDTVs, gaming consoles and Blue-ray players can also connect to and interact with the Internet.

Being Connected and Being Censored

As a species we are connected. Our access to information is increasing exponentially. Many authorities and governments worldwide have concerns about what this access can mean for the people in their countries. These concerns lead them to censor the amount of communication that individuals have or cut them off entirely if they feel the threat is too great.

Some Technologies Never Change

It seems like as soon as you buy a new piece of technology, a faster and better version comes out. Technologies that were revolutionary last week are old news this week. However, it may surprise you to know that the root of these technologies have stayed the same for 50 years.

What To Do With a Hacked Email

No matter how intricate your email password is, there is always a chance that a hacker will find a way to decipher your information and gain access to your digital personality. So what do you do once you’ve realized that your personal email account has been jeopardized? It is important to be proactive in this type of situation.

Set Goals to Boost Job Satisfaction

Setting goals keeps us motivated. As we strive to reach these goals, the challenges that we overcome inspire us to keep going, and set our future goals even higher. With every step taken we move towards the future that we have planned and the lives that we want.

How to Spot a Good App

What makes a good app? In short, it’s all about value. Apps like the Urban Spoon are worthwhile because they offer excellent service in a market that has high demand, while apps like Angry Birds are successful because they are intuitive and just really fun.