Identity Theft – It’s Scarier Than You Think

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. It's easy to perform, difficult to catch criminals who engage in it, and penalties are relatively lax. What you don't know about identity theft will surprise you.

This new crime is so lucrative that organized crime and terrorist organizations have jumped on board.

WiMAX comes to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is only one of three cities in the U.S. that now has WiMAX, the other two being Atlanta and Portland. WiMAX is a technical standard that allows for wireless coverage over a very large area. Think of WiMAX as similar to the wireless you use to access the Internet in your home or coffee shop.

The Importance of Network Security

In his speech last Friday, President Obama spoke about the need to secure our country's computer networks. Illustrating the importance of the issue with a personal example, he cited his recent experience with a data security breach during the general election:

"Hackers gained access to emails and a range of campaign files, from policy position papers to travel plans.

Computer Support Las Vegas: Windows 7

Computer users REJOICE, for Windows 7 has arrived! Windows 7 has been in Beta release since January of this year, and promises to be a rousing success. It's received very positive reviews, and appears to be what Windows Vista should have been... an appreciable improvement over its predecessors.

Las Vegas Computer Repair: The Conficker Worm

The Conficker worm has garnered a lot of media attention recently. This virus is notable because it's so widespread and because its goal and intention was unknown for quite some time. But truthfully, there are always a large number of computer security risks on the Internet.