Being Connected and Being Censored

As a species we are connected. Our access to information is increasing exponentially. Many authorities and governments worldwide have concerns about what this access can mean for the people in their countries. These concerns lead them to censor the amount of communication that individuals have or cut them off entirely if they feel the threat is too great.

Some Technologies Never Change

It seems like as soon as you buy a new piece of technology, a faster and better version comes out. Technologies that were revolutionary last week are old news this week. However, it may surprise you to know that the root of these technologies have stayed the same for 50 years.

What To Do With a Hacked Email

No matter how intricate your email password is, there is always a chance that a hacker will find a way to decipher your information and gain access to your digital personality. So what do you do once you’ve realized that your personal email account has been jeopardized? It is important to be proactive in this type of situation.

Set Goals to Boost Job Satisfaction

Setting goals keeps us motivated. As we strive to reach these goals, the challenges that we overcome inspire us to keep going, and set our future goals even higher. With every step taken we move towards the future that we have planned and the lives that we want.

How to Spot a Good App

What makes a good app? In short, it’s all about value. Apps like the Urban Spoon are worthwhile because they offer excellent service in a market that has high demand, while apps like Angry Birds are successful because they are intuitive and just really fun.

Three Decades of DOS

Do you remember DOS, with its uncomplicated black screen with the patiently blinking cursor? Its full name is Disk Operating System and a week ago marked its 30th birthday. To celebrate, I thought we should reflect on the changes it has undergone in the past three decades.

3 cool gadgets for summer

Staying cool in the summer is sometimes more difficult than it sounds. We all have our own means of beating the heat, be it swimming, eating ice cream, or lounging in a good old-fashioned air-conditioned room. However, there will always be more unique strategies to stay cool, thanks to gadget technology.

The Space Shuttle Program: The impact it has had on everyday life

Last week we watched as the space shuttle Atlantis took its last trip into space. This marks the end of the space shuttle program but if you look around your home or office you can see evidence of the impact the program has had on our lives. Thousands of technologies developed for the space shuttle program have been commercialized and applied in a variety of ways to improve our daily lives.

How to Make a Better Business Card

Business cards are an essential and longstanding cornerstone of effective networking. The format is as standard as the medium, a small stock-paper card with basic contact information and, if you're feeling saucy, a witty catch phrase. However, more and more creative thinkers are handing out extremely memorable business cards that toss out old networking conventions and replace them with unforgettable innovations.

What to Consider About Virtual Teams

As technology develops, the definition of team is evolving. These days it is common to see people from different time zones and different countries collaborating as a team. An increasing number of companies are employing the organizational strategy of virtual teams, also known as geographically dispersed teams (GDT). You have probably heard the term but are not sure if it fits your business model.