Will Windows Phone make Microsoft Cool?

Microsoft is a household name and Bill Gates is arguably one of the most important names in the technology field. But has Microsoft ever been “cool”? Not really. In the eyes of consumers it's always fell a little short of hip, but Microsoft’s new software for smartphones may alter the way the company is viewed.

Increase Your Productivity in Windows 7

Windows 7 represents a major improvement over past Windows operating systems. However, if you do not know how to use this latest version of Windows properly, you might miss out on a host of goodies that can help you work more proficiently.

By mastering a few simple tricks, you can get the most out of Windows 7.

Move images to outside disks quickly with Windows 7. The operating system lets you burn ISO images onto CDs or DVDs. To accomplish this, you merely have to double-click on the ISO image, tell Windows 7 the drive that holds your blank disc, and click on the "burn" option.

Less Then Successful Tech

Smartphones, iPads, iPods, and notebook computers are some of the must-have products of the last five years. However, for each successful must-have product there's a tech failure. Organizations take a chance when they send a new piece of technology into the market.

3 Tricks Every Microsoft Outlook User Should Know

If you work in a PC-based business, you probably use Microsoft Outlook to handle your email and your calendar.  You probably also take this very dynamic program for granted.  Although Microsoft Outlook has been around for years it has many unknown features that can help you save time and work more efficiently.

Your Small Business and Data Security

When it comes to data security, many people think they have plenty of systems and precautions in position to keep their data secure. Sure, you may have antivirus software and you may even update it regularly. You may also believe that you’re too small of a company to be a target of a hacking attempt.

Cloud Security: Part 2

Many small business owners have found significant savings by moving their company's data to the cloud in these challenging economic times.  Business owners can save money on hardware, such as workstations and servers, as well as software licensing by utilizing hosted cloud computing.

Cloud Security: Part 1

The benefits of storing information in the cloud are numerous. Offsite data backups, creating more space on your servers, and having your information easily available to your staff are just a few. If you have been looking into this route, you probably have many questions about cloud computing and security.

iPhone Tricks that Will Make Your Life Easier

It seems like iPhones are capable of doing everything but take out the trash. Aside from the obvious phone calls, we can view the latest movies and TV shows, and update our social sites. They store our music and give us directions to navigate to the nearest shopping center.

Touchscreen Technology: How does it Work?

Touchscreens have become an integral part of our way of life. When we interact with a product that has a touchscreen, we expect it to execute the action we want without a second thought. It wasn’t too far in the past that the idea of a touchscreen was a dream.

Android Phone Tips

One of the most useful benefits of Android smartphones is that they are extremely customizable. You can customize everything from your home screen to the way you access documents and download apps.
Happily, customizing your Android smartphone is not very difficult.