Disaster Recovery Planning

September is Disaster Preparedness Month. NetEffect’s CEO is featured in this month’s Business Voice; read the full article and learn some simple yet critical steps you can take to protect your business in the event disaster strikes.

Windows 10 Upgrade – Warning

Two days ago (July 29, 2015) Microsoft began offering Windows 10 for free to all users with one of the following operating systems:

Windows 7 Home and Professional users running Service Pack 1
Windows 8 Home and Professional users running the Windows 8.1 update

The free upgrade is available for one year, and after that, you’ll have to pay for the upgrade.

10 Secrets for Helping Your IT Team Assist You in Solving Technical Problems More Rapidly

For most people, information technology is shrouded in mystery. Its power to enhance our productivity is, sadly, sometimes overshadowed by fear and frustration that comes when technology fails to perform to our expectations.

While many people might want to yell at or do physical damage to their computer after a technology meltdown, these actions are unlikely to propel them over the technology speedbump.

Windows 10: What Business Leaders Need to Know to Make Smart Decisions

As the dog days of summer approach, the anticipation of the Windows 10 release, slated for July 29, grows. You’re probably asking yourself several questions:

What’s new in Windows 10 and is it better for your business?
Which Widows 10 editions does your business need?
When should your company upgrade?

You can find the answers here.

9 Ways to Defend Your Company Against Phishing Attacks

In sport, there’s fishing and there’s catching, but in the world of phishing there is only catching. That is, catching unsuspecting individuals in a web of deceptive emails, gaining their trust and prompting them to give away private information.

What makes phishing so difficult to stop is that it is a crafty, low-tech scheme that relies on people’s trusting nature.

2015 Family Owned Business Awards – We Won!

Dave and I are truly honored and humbled to receive this award. We combined our companies nearly a year ago, and we’re really beginning to realize the benefits. Together, with the support, dedication, and hard work of our now even larger team, the best is yet to come!


Lync is now Skype for Business

Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, and just this month replaced Lync, it's popular instant messaging suite, with "Skype for Business." It has a new look and feel, along with some nice new features. The new Skype for Business essentially merges the best of Skype and Lync and makes an already great productivity tool even better.