Do you know when computer files leave your network, and who has access to what? Or where files are located on your network?

The information companies have created, accumulated and paid for provide a competitive advantage against competitors, but that advantage can be lost when companies can’t access the information they need or control the information that enters and leaves the organization. Your company may also miss opportunities as employees waste time searching servers or intranets for the information they need. As these issues continue to burden businesses, more and more are turning to specialized document management software for the solution.

Document management software such as Worldox prevents crucial documents from being mishandled or lost while driving more value from company intellectual property. They also improve overall organizational efficiency, so professionals can focus on high-value tasks, not waste time searching for material.

While cell phones, USB flash drives and removable disk drives are making it easier than ever for employees to transfer files, they are making it harder for companies to monitor and protect sensitive information. And with the prevalence of Internet-based email programs, employees are able to email work files to their private email accounts in order to work on files from home. The ease at which files are removed from the network could mean important information is being leaked or lost.

Best IT practices allow you to make it easy for employees to access information securely without compromising company security and information. Document management software can be set up to allow employees access to work information off-site through browser-based or email plug-in solutions so documents are better controlled. Additionally, security permissions should be set on your company files to prevent users from accessing documents they don’t require access to.
With so many different ways for company information to be leaked, lost, or changed from its original intent, it’s important for companies to take active control over their proprietary information. Through the use of document management software and a sensible security policy, companies can substantially reduce these risks.