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Today IT professionals are constantly challenged to be experts in all areas. Everyone knows that this is difficult or near impossible. This is the reason why long-term partnerships with the industry's largest brands are critical. These relationships have allowed NetEffect to receive advancing market kowledge and expert training by some of the strongest technology partners. These partnerships include NetApp, Fortinet, VMware, Microsoft, and HPE.

NetEffect is able to leverage these partnerships to receive the distinction of working with some of Las Vegas’ largest businesses. For these larger clients, we supplement their in-house IT — usually through projects, product sales, and the core support needs of the Enterprise network. NetEffect allows Enterprise IT departments to focus on supporting the business, not putting out fires.

NetEffect has large enterprise IT solutions:

  • 24/7 support from our team of IT experts
  • Cost-effective, on-demand IT support
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • First- and second-level helpdesk for maximum support
  • Alert triage and reporting
  • Consulting, Solution Design and project management
  • Call center services
  • Product sales and vendor management

Get Your 1 Hour Free Consultation