NetEffect takes great care to protect the integrity and security of your data. To ensure users have the appropriate access to documents and resources they require, as well as being restricted from accessing confidential and sensitive information unnecessarily, we ask that you be very specific in your requests to add user accounts. This is critical to help assure the proper security of your user account(s). Adding user account(s) will result in additional monthly billing if you are a MyGrid or Office365 client per agreement, but there are no fees associated specifically with the labor involved to create the new account.

Please complete the form below and a service request will be generated within our system. Creation of new user account(s) can take up to one (1) business day to complete. If you need any assistance filling out the form, please contact our office at 702-318-7700, Option 1.

Once your request has been processed the new username will be emailed to you. The initial password will be the same for any new user created for your company and, for security reasons, the password will not be sent via email. If you need to have someone call you with the password please make that request in the comments section of the form.