FREE Dark Web Scan: Protect Your Customers and Data

As a member of the NDA, are you safe guarding your customers personal information and purchase history? What about your IP, cultivation, and production data?

Do you think you’re doing a better job than Equifax, Target, and Yahoo?

If the answer is no, you are leaving your organization open to massive liability, millions in fines and lost business, lawsuits, theft, and much more. Just like they did.

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Ensure that your customer’s data is being safely stored from seed to sale. With the massive data breaches we’ve seen with MJ Freeway and the original NV Medical Marijuana Portal, you can never be too safe to prioritize your data’s protection and the safety of your clients.

With the sensitive information your cannabis company holds like your customer’s personal information, your IP, and purchase history; you’re at a high risk for data breaches and vulnerability exposure.

As a member of the NDA with a litany of valuable consumer and IP data, you are a hacker’s #1 target. With tens of thousands of customers and invaluable data from your cultivation and production facilities, hackers understand that you have access to things like your customers addresses, birth dates, and contact information -- all which can be used negatively for monetary gain.

These malicious cyber criminals will stop at nothing to steal your credentials to gain access to your data. You can proactively defend yourself from these kinds of attacks which will leave your business exposed and put you at massive risk.

As a member of the NDA with a privileged cannabis license, it’s your responsibility to protect your customers and employees.

This isn’t meant to scare you, it’s meant to provide a realistic understanding of why protecting your company’s data is of critical importance.  After a data breach, the dominoes fall. Fines. Lawsuits. Audits. And once the press gets wind of it… bye-bye customers.

  • Equifax’s CEO thought they were safe: 143 million consumers’ information STOLEN.
  • Target’s CEO believed they were protected: 41 million credit card numbers STOLEN.
  • Yahoo’s CEO thinks they did everything they could: 3 BILLION accounts HACKED.

These industry giants spend MILLIONS on IT security. They have massive IT teams who work around the clock ensuring they are safe and secure. So, if THEY got hacked, so can you and your organization!

As a member of the NDA, you take actions every day to grow your business, grow customer relationships and grow your revenue. But avoiding this SIMPLE 4-SECOND ACTION can put ALL of that at risk.

It takes 4-seconds to fill out our FREE Dark Web Scan form. Take the time to protect your customers and your data.

We have NEVER offered our Dark Web Scan for FREE... But because data breaches are such a real threat today — 1 in 3 small- to medium-sized businesses are on the Dark Web — we must be proactive in stopping the threat.

Our 100% FREE and 100% confidential Exclusive NDA Member Dark Web Scan is your first line of defense. Simply fill out the form on this page with your name and company email address (yes, it has to be your company email), and we’ll perform our Dark Web analysis.

The reality of data breaches:

  • $150 MILLION — That’s what the average cost of a SINGLE data breach will exceed by 2020.
  • 2 BILLION in JUST 6 MONTHS — That’s how many records were LOST or STOLEN in data breaches in 2017.
  • 60% of businesses CLOSE THEIR DOORS after a cyber attack.
  • ONE-HALF of small businesses have already experienced data breaches in the last 12 months.

Within just 24 hours, you’ll have your completed report. Hopefully it will be ALL CLEAR and you can breathe easy and resume your obligations. If your company, your revenues and your customers are AT RISK, we’ll simply dig a little deeper to make sure you’re protected.

Limited time offer for NDA Members
Get your FREE Dark Web Scan today

100% FREE and 100% confidential.

With Our Free Scan, You’ll Know:

  • What credentials (if any) are being actively sold on the dark web
  • If your company (and your reputation) are at RISK
  • If your customers’ PRIVATE INFORMATION is at RISK