As a courtesy to our clients, we routinely dispose of their old, unwanted computer equipment. We bring it to our office until we have enough for the Blind Center of Nevada to send a truck to pick it up. They accept computers, servers, printers, LCD monitors, copiers, cell phones, etc. You can read more here about their recycling program. Sometimes we’ll repurpose parts from old equipment before the Blind Center makes a pickup; some parts make suitable donations to people needing parts for their home computers.

The Blind Center of Nevada provides secure data destruction at no charge, all e-waste is repurposed or recycled in an environmentally friendly way, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Blind Center of Nevada.

If you’d like to donate equipment to the Blind Center of Nevada, please complete the form below, and send a picture of the equipment to

  • Submitting this form will generate an automatic email with the information you provided, which will serve as your digital receipt of your donated equipment.