The Best Online Music-Streaming Services

Thanks to the Internet, most people pay their bills, seek out entertainment, and get their news on-line. So it is not surprising that music streaming is as popular as it is. Many people stream their music and there are a variety of music-streaming services to pick from.

Gaming Industry Expert Tim Frawley Joins NetEffect

(LAS VEGAS)  – NetEffect, a Las Vegas-based, full-service provider of computer and information technology support and consulting services, announced today that Tim Frawley has joined the company as its gaming and hospitality specialist.

In his new position, Frawley is responsible for overseeing NetEffect’s new gaming division, which was launched this year.

The Kinect: Inspiring Innovation

It’s been some time since Windows was regarded as cool, but the Kinect may change all that. Initially designed as a feature for the Xbox gaming system, the Kinect is a unique voice and motion-sensing device. A version of the device also works with Windows-operated PCs, and shortly after the release of the Kinect non-commerical software development kit in February 2011, people started discovering innovative ways to use it.

Factors Limiting Technology

Doesn’t it seem like we should already have jetpacks? Teleporters? Or meals in capsule form? We already have some impressive technology, like tablets and cellphones, which are small computers that we can carry around. We have GPSs in our cars to find our way around town and we can post an update to social media sites and reach countless people at once.

The Microsoft Surface – A Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft, the company we all know for its prolific computer operating systems has finally revealed details about its entry into the tablet-based computer market: Microsoft Surface. In an attempt to compete with the iPad, Microsoft Surface tablets are slated to be available sometime this fall.

Alternatives to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing tool. It lets business owners edit the images they need to produce professional-looking brochures, pamphlets, and marketing materials. However, Photoshop is far from inexpensive. A quick online scan will show that newer versions of this image-editing program can run you more than $600. For small business owners on a budget, this program isn't practical.

The Future of the Battery

Have you ever needed your smartphone only to find that the battery has died and you're nowhere near an outlet? It’s frustrating, but in a couple of years, it may be a thing of the past.

A Better Battery on the Way?

Engineers at Chicago’s Northwestern University have been working on advancements in battery technology and may have discovered a way to make batteries charge in minutes and last considerably longer.

Brad Swan

Brad Swan joined the NetEffect team as an Engineer in December 2007 and was named Director of Support in 2011 overseeing client relationships and the processes, procedures and execution of service delivery.

While Brad has been working in the IT industry for over 15 years, his interest in computers and technology started early.

Apple iPad3 Has Arrived

Apple iPad3 has Arrived
Thanks in large part to their near-perfect iPad 2, Apple's domination of the tablet market is safe for now. Though Android has responded with tons of fantastic devices, the platform as a whole has yet to surpass the iPad in terms of market share.