When Should My Company Upgrade Windows?

This October, Microsoft announced their upcoming release of Windows 10 for next year. In addition, mainstream support for Windows 7 is scheduled to be discontinued in January, with extended support ending five years thereafter. For many companies, this means it is time to consider updating Windows.

When Should I Outsource My IT?

Specialization and segmentation have become staples of the modern workplace, and outsourcing has become a crucial component of the corporate world. Even though technically you can outsource a wide range of services, information technology is the area where many businesses find the most value in outsourcing.

NetEffect Chosen by CRN for its “Next Gen List” of Influential Technology Companies

Each year, 250 companies are chosen by technology news and analysis site CRN to appear on the list. The companies chosen are culled from research, vendor and analyst interviews, and CRN editorial coverage. The list recognizes solution providers founded within the last 15 years that are focused on emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, virtualization and unified communications, along with other emerging technologies.

NetEffect and uptimeLV Merge!

I'm truly happy to announce that we have merged with uptimeLV, which is owned and operated by David B. Rounds. For years, Dave and I have been very friendly competitors. We've had a mutual respect for one another that over time, has transcended to genuine respect and friendship.

Support Ending for Windows XP and Office 2003

What does this mean for your organization?

After April 8, 2014, Windows XP computers will become extremely vulnerable to attackers, and continuing to use Windows XP will cause your organization to be non-compliant with regard to PCI, HIPAA or SOX, etc.

10-Digit Dialing Coming to Southern Nevada: What You Need to Know

On November 15, 2012 the Nevada Public Utilities Commission approved the addition of a second area code (725) to the southern part of the state. Due to increasing demand for individual telephone numbers, it is projected the available numbers within the 702 area code will be exhausted during the third quarter of 2014.

The new 725 area code became active on August 3, 2013, and as of May 3, 2014 10-digit dialing will be required for all calls including local.