The End of the Road for Some Gadgets and Technologies

When new technology comes out, we snatch it up, and a month later we can’t imagine what life was like without it. But what about the technology that it replaced? We have a tendency to forget about that as it quickly fades into history. For instance, the telephone: our phones today do so much and landlines are quickly getting phased out. Yes, many people still use them but it’s not difficult to imagine a near future where they will be gone completely from households.

Here's a look at some other key pieces of technology that were once essential and are now on their way to becoming useless. In fact, a number of these gizmos might become obsolete during the next 10 years.

Fax Machines: Most people hate sending faxes; it is old technology. There was a time when it was cutting edge, but don’t be surprised if this is one technology that quickly ends up in the “Remember this?” classification.

Newspaper Classified Ads: Recently The Huffington Post stated that classifieds are on the endangered species list. This is mainly due to sites like Craigslist which provide massive forums for people to search classifieds and add their own for free. This opportunity may have put the nail in the coffin for newspaper classified ads.

Film-Based Cameras: Digital cameras have transformed the art of taking photos. Once venerable, Kodak has felt the brunt of this revolution, and the company is no longer making cameras. Consumers like digital cameras because they can instantly print their photos, and they can dump photos that they don't like without having to pay a cent. This has significantly decreased the lifespan of the traditional film-based camera.

The Calculator Watch: In its short-lived life; the calculator watch was a well-loved item. It made it easy to always have a calculator handy when you needed one. When cell phones with built in calculators came into existence, the calculator watch went out the window. It’s pretty obvious why PCWorld listed it as an obsolete technology.

The Video Arcade: The video arcade may be dying also. Older gamers remember hoarding quarters so they could later feed them into Pac-Man and Space Invaders consoles at their hometown malls.
Those days are gone, though. Gamers today prefer experiencing their video adventures from the comfort of their own homes.