Computer Support Las Vegas: Windows 7

Computer users REJOICE, for Windows 7 has arrived! Windows 7 has been in Beta release since January of this year, and promises to be a rousing success. It's received very positive reviews, and appears to be what Windows Vista should have been... an appreciable improvement over its predecessors.

It's been nearly eight years since Windows XP was released, and Windows Vista has only been with us for two years. Vista has been widely rejected by businesses due to it not being much more than cosmetic improvements to XP along with its extraordinary hardware requirements.

Windows 7 Beta is running on several of our company laptops without issue. In fact, it performs much better than Windows Vista and has some fantastic new features. My three favorite features are:

  • Performance!!! Windows 7 is fast even on modest hardware, and is very stable.
  • Usability. Windows 7 is easy to use and simply makes sense. The desktop and task bar, for example, have been redesigned to allow for very easy and intuitive use.
  • XP Mode. Windows 7 comes with a fully licensed copy of Windows XP that you can run within Windows 7. This allows you to easily access applications that will only run on XP.

Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 is available for download now from Microsoft, and if no major bugs or problems are identified, Windows 7 will be officially released in January of 2010, though it will likely be released sometime this year. We think Windows 7 will be a big hit. To access video previews of Windows 7, click here.

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